Ontario Liberals Playing Sneaky Games

Remember when Wynne promised to ban all political fundraising and said “In order to make what is the most significant change in the rules in political fundraising that have been made in a generation, we need to listen to all of the concerns and make the changes that separate out…the building of networks from the raising of money.”?

Well according to a news item published in Toronto Star top Liberal fundraisers met secretly this week to launch a final $2-million push for corporate cash, just as the government was fine-tuning its latest proposals to clean up money politics by year’s end.

“The ambitious target — $1 million a month in the home stretch — was disclosed to a select group of party stalwarts summoned to dinner by Ontario Liberal Fund chair Tim Murphy.”

All of this happened secretly at the beginning of the week and two days later, the Ontario Liberal government released its detailed proposals to reform political fundraising rules.

According to the Toronto Star report, meeting participants were handed thick files containing corporate and union donor profiles, indicating who had not fulfilled their full contribution room of nearly $10,000 for 2016 (allowed under the current law until year-end) and would therefore make good targets.

All of this does not bode well for Premier Kathleen Wynne whose ratings are already at an all time low according to Forum Research. The poll surveyed 1,124 Ontario residents and found that just 14 per cent of respondents approve of the job that Wynne is doing as premier while 77 per cent disapprove and 9 per cent have no opinion.

So at this point, nothing can save her. With poll numbers this low, and reports of mismanagement at every level emerging daily, Wynne’s and subsequently Ontario Liberal Government’s days are numbered.

Image Source:  the great Graeme Mackay

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