Wynne Should Resign and Step Down Too!

By now, no one is shocked by any new stunt the Ontario’s Liberal government pulls. Latest one in this long list is of course the fact that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne‘s former chief of staff is facing bribery charges under the province’s Elections Act in what police call an “unprecedented investigation” into the 2015 Sudbury byelection scandal.

The charges stem from a campaign in which paraplegic mortgage broker Andrew Olivier claimed both Sorbara and Lougheed offered him jobs to drop out of the nomination race, clearing the way for Wynne’s preferred candidate, Glenn Thibeault.

Thibeault, then a New Democrat MP, jumped from federal politics to defect to the provincial Liberals. He was promoted to Wynne’s cabinet last June and is now energy minister.

It is important to note that last year, Wynne rejected all calls for Sorbara to step aside. Back then she was quoted as saying Ms. Sorbara had been acting in her capacity as a party operative, not a government employee.

“The role that Pat Sorbara plays as a director of campaigns is quite separate from her role as deputy chief of staff.” She further argued that Ms. Sorbara’s discussion with Mr. Olivier was not a bribery attempt but merely an effort to see what sort of government opportunities he might be interested in.

“That’s exactly a conversation that I hope, quite frankly, any leader would have with a failed candidate,” she said in a statement given to the press.

Sorbara might have stepped down and resigned now, but I’m still going to state the obvious here and say how is it possible for any employee to act without prior approval or any directive from her employer? And the fact that Wynne actually defended Sorbara last year speaks volumes about this under handed game Wynne played.  So in all fairness, the person who asked Sorbara to do what she did SHOULD step down and resign too! It makes perfect sense! Don’t you think?

News Source: theglobeandmail; thestar
Image Source: The Great Graeme Mackay http://mackaycartoons.net/

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